5 Design Tips From Respected Graphic Designers

Business cards are not just about handing out information and contact details of the person or the business owner. It also serve as a marketing collateral and a promotional tool to introduce your business.

Given the importance of this graphic material, it is a must for business owners to design and produce compelling business cards that would not only provide contact information but also help with brand awareness. Top graphic designers and printing companies in Dubai shared some valuable design tips that would help business owners produce visually effective calling cards:

  • Know the brand

The first thing that you need to consider when creating a business card design is to get to know the business brand first. The brand and company brief would give graphic designers an idea about what the company stands for. This information would help them create concepts that would speak of the company and its values. So be sure to ask for a brand brief first before starting the design phase. Study the brand and see what concepts you can come up with based on the core message.

  • Create something memorable

You need to keep in mind the limitations of the design, so as much as possible, you need to create something memorable with a small piece of card. Be sure to create something that would burn to the memory of your intended audience. You need to ensure that your design is not just visually appealing but also something that sticks. You need to pick your brains to come up with design studies that would address those concerns.

  • Keep it simple

Although graphic designers are given free rein to be creative, they also need to keep in mind the purpose of this collateral – to provide information. Try to practice some restraint and keep it simple and classy. You need to keep mind that the business card should be legible enough to see the contact details. Putting too many design elements might muddle the design and make it less effective.

  • Take into account the details

As mentioned, the purpose of the calling card is to provide details. You need to ensure that all information are accurate and correct. Double check with the client before you proceed with the design and production.

  • Be aware of the limitations

Many graphic designer forget that business cards are a marketing collateral in a small piece of cardboard. They need to work with space limitations without compromising the design and objective.

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