5 Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Staging Outdoor Events

Outdoor events is twice as hard to mount and set up than indoor events. The success of your event depend on a couple of factors. If you missed one of these aspects, there is chance that you event will not go as planned.

But there’s no need to panic or be disheartened. But taking note of this factors, you can anticipate possible issues and prepare for any event problems that you might encounter when staging your event outside:

  1. Permits


Different jurisdictions require event companies and their clients to secure a permit before they proceed with their setup. The purpose of getting a permit is to ensure that you informed governing agencies and authorities about your upcoming event. Once they give their approval, you will be allowed to use facilities and amenities within their jurisdiction. So be sure to process your event permit weeks before the scheduled event.


  1. Logistics


Logistics is crucial when you are mounting an outdoor event. You need to coordinate with all your suppliers and contractors about the upcoming event. Set a meeting with your suppliers and plan your event logistics – from what time they should arrive on the set location to the time they would need to egress. Be as detailed as possible. A thorough logistics plan can help you manage all the suppliers and keep track of the ingress progress.


  1. Crowd control


The crowd control is definitely one of the hardest one to manage, especially of your event is well-publicized. Be sure to keep the unwanted guests at bat by putting reliable fences and barricaded from companies specializing in construction fencing in Dubai. With strong barricades, you will be able to manage the crowd as the event progress. Do not forget to get event bouncers to maintain the crowd’s attitude and prevent unwanted guests from entering specific areas.

  1. Weather


The unpredictable weather changes can definitely ruin an event. Be prepared for it by having your vendors bring their weather-proof equipment and gear. You also need to prepare the location by putting tents and make-shift sheds for the guests and the event-goers. You should have a backup plan should the weather changes and affect your event.


  1. Clean up


An event is not done, unless everyone is out of the location. Include location clean up on your egress plan. Not cleaning up the space might get you into trouble with the location owners and the authorities.

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