Save lives with safety harnesses and lanyards

The fact of the matter is that maximum numbers of accidents that occur at any construction site are caused by falls. Falls are responsible for maximum number of deaths according to HSE statistics. Safety harnesses and lanyards can save lived and reduce accidents to a great deal. Having said, that there are a few things that should be taken care of at work to benefit from these life-saving equipment:

Determine your needs

The first thing you should keep in mind is to determine that what sort of equipment you need to perform a specific job. Calculate the risks and hazards associated with it and plan out accordingly.

Always use quality equipment

Never neglect the importance of the quality of equipment you use for the safety purposes. By compromising on the quality of equipment, you are compromising the safety of your workforce. What good can a safety harness or fall protection lanyard do if they are not of good quality and up to the standard.

Always comply with safety policy

There is no denying the fact that safety harness and lanyards are designed to protect you against hazards of falls to ensure your safety. But unfortunately know about this people do not comply with the safety guidelines in this regard. Maximum numbers of safety violations are reported related to proper use of harnesses and lanyards and anchoring. A majority of workforce do not take it seriously. It is highly recommended for you to comply with safety policy all the time during your work. A small mistake in this regard can not only cause you serious injury but can cause death as well.

Maximize your protection

Of course, harnesses and lanyards are reliable equipment to ensure your safety and life. It is best to use various protective equipments together according to the nature of job and height to minimize risks and maximize your protection at the same time. For instance, determine if you need suspension equipment for the job. A full body harness along with lanyard or connecting device attached with proper tie off points and anchoring connectors is highly recommended for such tasks. You should also wear fall arrest while working on heights.

You should also keep the mandatory criteria and standards set by safety administration authorities while using these equipment. It is highly recommended for you to always buy certified equipment for best results. Go to website for more information in this regard.